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Saudi Arabia e-marriage contract service: Here is how to get your marriage registered

Saudi Arabia e-marriage contract service

Saudi Arabia is all set launch the e-marriage contract service in order to ease the process of registration of marriages,

The new service will enable people to electronically document marriage data and finalize marriage contract from their homes.

According to the procedure announced by the government, newly married couple will enter their data in the Ministry of Justice’s e-gate to get an appointment with a marriage official called Maazoun to officiate their marriage.

The official will very the fingerprints electronically via a smart device. The next stop include endorsing electronic copy of the marriage contract without the need to refer to the marriage register.

After the launch of e-service, people will not be required to visit courts and related authorities.

According to the local media, a hard copy of marriage contract can be kept upon request. The couple can print a copy from the “Nazij” gate of the ministry.

Authorities concerned will process the information in the marriage contract electronically via the GSB channel, an affiliate of government e-transactions program called Yusr.

Saudi Arabia e-marriage contract service is part of government efforts to to transform 80 percent of its services to e-services by 2020.

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