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Two die in Dutch historic plane crash

The Hague: A pilot and passenger died after a historic light aircraft crashed in a field in southern Netherlands on Friday after colliding with another plane, rescue workers said.

The Piper Super Cub, belonging to a flying museum near the southern city of Breda, allegedly collided with another Piper before smashing into the ground around 1.00 pm (1100 GMT).

“Both people in the plane died in the crash,” the Middle-West Brabant rescue services said.

“The second plane managed an emergency landing,” it added in a statement, saying its two occupants were unharmed.

Friday´s accident was the third in the Netherlands this year involving a light aircraft and was being investigated by the Dutch Safety Board.

No injuries were reported in the previous two cases, the Dutch Safety Board said on its website.

First flown in 1949, the Piper Super Cub is a single-engine two-seater plane often still used for “bush flying”, banner towing and glider towing.

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