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UK’s karma is coming back to haunt it as Indian and Pakistani origin men likely to oversee Scottish independence

Scotland and England are heading towards a possible partition at a time when one of them is headed by an Indian and the other by a Pakistani.

“The nature’s brutal checkmate is at it again,” said a Pakistan Twitter user while referring to Rishi Sunak and Hamza Yousaf.

Rishi Sunak (42 years old), a Brit with parents of East African/Indian origin, is UK’s prime minister and now Hamza Yousaf (38 years old), a Brit with parents of Pakistani & East African origin, will now be the first minister of Scotland.

Pakistanis and Indians are making funny comments about the rise of Sunak and Hamza , with some saying the UK would be divided by the duo whose origin country India was divided into India and Pakistan by the UK in 1947.

Pakistani and Indian social media websites are flooded with funny comments about Rishi Sunak and Hamza Yousaf and the independence of Scotland.

Some people,however disagreed with the majority:

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