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Volodymyr Zelenskiy: Ukraine president is a badass!

Kyiv: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy asked citizens to help defend Kyiv from advancing Russian forces in the worst European security crisis in decades.

The president, who is a Jew and a famous comedian, accused Russia of wrecking peace efforts and ruled out making any territorial concessions in an address to the nation in the early hours of Tuesday.

As Russia surrounded the capital, Kyiv mayor and thousands of citizens rushed to take arms to defend the city against the enemy.

President Zelenskiy was also seen wearing a bullet proof jacket and carrying a helmet as he filmed himself with aides on the streets of the capital, vowing to defend Ukraine’s independence.

“Tonight, they will launch an assault. All of us must understand what awaits us. We must withstand this night,” he said in a video address posted to his Telegram channel. “The fate of Ukraine is being decided right now,” he said.

Malcolm Nance, former US intelligence official, shared the president’s picture asking his followers to “retweet if Zelensky is a BADASS. More than 11,000 people retweeted his photo and over 30,000 others liked Nance’s tweet.

Meanwhile, Zelensky has crossed 1 million followers on Twitter after people from across the world lauded him for his courage to stand up against Russia.

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