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What is Cinco de Mayo and why is it celebrated in US and Mexico

What is Cinco de Mayo?
Every year a lot of people turn to Google on May 5 to know what exactly is that.

This year too folks were asking the search engine for answers after social media posts piqued their curiosity.

Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for Fifth May. The day is celebrated in both Mexico and the United States.

Cinco de Mayo in Mexico

The day is observed to mark the Mexican Army’s win over French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

It was a significant event in the history of Mexico as the local army defeated a larger French invading force.

Cinco de Mayo in United States

It is the celebration of Mexican-American culture which began in California in 1863.

The celebration gained popularity in 1980 with advertising campaigns by beer and wine companies.

Cinco de Mayo is also confused with Mexico’s Independence Day which is celebrated on September 16.

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