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What is ‘Momo Challenge’ and how it continues to appear on Youtube and Instagram ?

‘Momo Challenge’ which provokes children to self-harm is still available on Youtube and Instagram a year after it was linked to deaths of children.

Bothe Youtube and Instagram are under criticism for failing to remove the content which still has the potential to urge children to do things that can harm them despite being people aware of the content since it first appear last year.

What is ‘Momo Challenge’ and why Youtube and Instagram are being criticized?

According to the Telegraph, ‘Momo challenge’  asks children to contact a fictional horror character Momo by calling or sending messages to strangers.

When they are done contacting the strangers, Momo sets them dangerous challenges that can end up inflicting harm on them.

Linked to deaths of at least two children last year, Telegraph reported that the video continues to appear on Youtube and Instagram despite warning issued by police in Northern Ireland.

Multiple media reports have reported that ‘Momo Challenge’ is a ‘suicide challenge game’  which threatens players to follow orders from the scary looking character.

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