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Ayesha Jehanzeb raises eye brows with comments on Bilawal’s ‘slip of tongue’

Lahore: Ayesha Jehanzeb, the host of Geo’s comedy show Khabarnaak, raised many eye brows when she took to Twitter and posted a video of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari which even some men shied away from posting on their social media accounts in Pakistan.

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There was nothing wrong in the video except that Bilawal Bhutto failed to correctly pronounce some Urdu language words and ended up uttering what seemed to be a sexually explicit sentence.

The anchor not only did post the video on her Twitter account, but also posted its screenshot to her Instagram stories

She called Bilawal’s slip of tongue “Freudian Slip”–an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.

While there was nothing wrong about Ayesha Jehanzeb posting the video, it was not something female anchors are often found sharing on social media in a deeply conservative Pakistan.

Some critics of the PPP chairman has been sharing the video with suggestive remarks while poking fun at Bilawal who is not known for speaking fluent Urdu.

Serious political workers have called out the users for targeting the PPP leader in an inappropriate manner.

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