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Ayesha Jehanzeb suppresses smile as show actor mocks ‘Imam-ul-Haq’ over ‘horse’ message

Lahore: Popular comedy show Khabarnaak on Saturday had a segment with Ali Mir mimicking Pakistani cricketer Imam-ul-Haq, who was recently accused of sexting multiple women when screenshots of his lewd conversation surfaced on social media.

The segment in which the show’s character made fun of the Pakistani opener starts at 18-minute mark in the video available on Geo.tv’s TV Shows” section.


The show ‘s hilarious and bold take on the issue was unprecedented as one of the character whom Khabarnaak host Ayesha Jaehanzeb calls Beeray repeatedly referred to horse while mocking the cricketer .

He used the words “dark horse” and “flying horse”multiple times while shaming the cricketer.

Although the show host didn’t ask him as to why he was repeatedly talking about horse, it was evident from her suppressed smile and the laughter from the audience that they all knew what it was all about.

For those who failed to understand, it was a suggestive remark referring to an alleged conversation between Imaul-ul-Haq and a woman whom the cricketer whatsapped a photo of his lower body part with his erect penis clearly visible.

While replying to Imam-u- Haq’s picture, the woman called his phallus horse, prompting hundreds of memes online after the conversation was leaked.

“Your horse right now,” the women had replied on Imam picture.

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