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Ayesha Jehanzeb fat-shamed by fans

Ayesha Jehanzeb is the host of Geo’s popular comedy show Khabarnaak.

She started her career with not-so-important role when Aftab Iqbal was calling the shots on the late night comedy program.

Then came Naeem Bukhari who also left after a brief stint, paving the way for Ayesha Jehanzeb to co-host the show with Ali Mir.

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Soon Ayesha Jehanzeb proved that she is capable of of hosting the show alone. It’s been almost three years since she has been hosting the show now.

The position she holds now was not given her on a platter. Ayesha Jehanzeb earned it through hard work.

She faced a new struggle after taking the helm of the show.

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The biggest challenge for Ayesha arose when she was replaced for few weeks with Jugnoo Mohsin, the wife of veteran journalist Najam Sethi.

She fought her way back and hosts the program till this day.

During her journey, the worst thing she had to go through was when the Khabaranak host was accused of not wearing Shalwar (pants) while addressing a small gathering of transgenders.

It was the worst kind of allegation any woman have to face.

The lady, however, took the haters head on and proved them wrong.

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It turned out the allegations were incorrect and it was camera, light and color of her pants that somehow showed Ayesha Jehanzeb without Shalwar as she sit with her one leg crossed over the other.

Days after being accused of wearing nothing and facing harassment, Ayesha Jehanzeb got video of the event that was shot from the right angle clearly showing the host was in full clothes.

Soon the controversy died down and she kept hosting the show. Ayesha Jehanzeb has lately faced new kind of harassment.

Some fans are fat-shaming her , calling her names in comments under her Instagram and Facebook posts.

The mother of four seems to have started working out and has shed some weight too.

On the work front she has launched her own clothing line and is busy writing columns for Urdu News, a newly launched foreign news website.

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