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Video featuring Balenciaga Tool Bracelet sparks funny reactions

More than three million people has seen a video on X, formerly Twitter, of a couple taking a dig at Balenciaga.

The funny video targets Balenciaga’s Tool Bracelet launched last year.

In the video, a man shows the bracelet and it’s price, over $600, on Balenciaga’s website.

Confusing the bracelet for a hose clamp, he tries to use it on his car and after failing to tighten it around a hose, he hands it over to his woman.

The woman first throws it out thinking it is a useless hose clamp but chose to wear it happily after the man tells him that it was made by Balenciaga.

Hundreds of people posted funny comment on the video as they talked about women’s obsession with the brand.

In July last Yar, Balenciaga listed its industrial tool bracelets on sale.

Taking inspiration from hardware from the automotive world, the playful design mimics that of a hose clamp, complete with bolt detail — although it does not actually tighten the bracelet — screw cage and perforated worm drive

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