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Billie Eilish leaked photos: Reason why you shouldn’t look for such pictures

Billie Eilish leaked photos

Los Angeles: Bille Eilish is often seen wearing loose-fitting clothes. It is because she wants to keep her body out of the spotlight.

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“I never want the world to know everything about me, I mean, that’s why I wear big baggy clothes. Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath,” the Bag Guys singer said in Calvin Klein earlier this year.

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But folks have gone crazy looking for Billie Eilish “leaked photo” ever since a German magazine recently published a controversial image of the teen.

It was not a leaked photo. The photo was a digital image which went on to show her shirtless and hairless, drawing strong criticism from the 17-year-old singer and her fans.

Germany Nylon magazine faced backlash after Billie Eilish said “never approached by nylon about this piece whatsoever. i did not know it was happening nor did anyone on my team.”

She also used some expletives while targeting the publication which had explained in the captioned that it intended to “tell the stories of three digital prodigies who are redefining the future of being a Teen Superstar”.

“You’re gonna make a picture of me shirtless?? thats not real?? at 17?” she commented. “and make it the cover???? even if the picture was supposed to look like some robot version of me… i did not consent in any way,” Bille Eilish wrote.

So the fans looking for any sexually explicit photos of the singer should stop looking for them since there are no leaked photo of such nature available online.

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