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Jennifer Aniston on Instagram: Even Maria Sharapova was dying to be followed

Jennifer Aniston on Instagram

It’s hasn’t been a full week since Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram, but the actress already has over 1.5 million followers.

The 50-year-old has posted three pictures and a video so far , receiving nearly 50 million likes on her Insta posts.

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The actress left everybody wondering why it took her so long to join the list of celebrities who have long been active on the Facebook owned app.

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And response to her joining Instagram was so overwhelming that even Russian tennis queen Maria Sharapova couldn’t help expressing her wish -although rather jokingly- to have the kind of fame Jennifer Aniston enjoys.

The Russian was among 177 people whom the actress has followed on Instagram.

Sharapova, who has been having the time of her life while dating her British millionaire boyfriend Alexander Gilkes,used her Insta stories to express her surprise at the response Jennifer Aniston has received.

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She posted a screenshot of actress’ Instagram page marking the area which showed the huge number of followers despite a handful of posts and the number of people Aniston is following.

Her caption on the screenshot left people smiling as she jokingly asked Jennifer Aniston about the “algorithm” which she used to garner over a million users within a short period of time.

The Russian also mentioned Jennifer Aniston in her caption. In the second Insta story, Maria Sharapova joked about being followed by the Hollywood actress.

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