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Komal Aziz Khan launches her own clothing line

It’s been a while since Komal Aziz Khan has been hinting at launching her own initiative.

Folks have been wondering whether it was a clothing line or a restaurant ever since she started tagging an Instagram page @Omalbykomal.

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She cleared the air on Tuesday in a video message that she posted on her personnel Instagram account.

Komal Aziz Khan has confirmed that she now has her own clothing line. The actress said has worked on the project since January beside focusing on her shoots.

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“So guys if you need clothes for Eid, Ramzan or for any other occasion after Ramzan we have a lot of clothes,” she said in a video.

“Important announcement ! I am finally launching my own clothing line @omalbykomal. I have worked tirelessly for the past 6 months on it. Me and my team went through many sleepless nights, anxiety to meet deadlines and lots of back breaking hard work to make these clothes. They are of the highest quality. More styles launching tonight and tomorrow. Place your order at @omalbykomal Instagram page,” she captioned the video.

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