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Komal Aziz to male fans: ‘Don’t send me advice on how to lift’

Karachi: TV actor Komal Aziz Khan is one courageous lady who has always stood up for what she believes in.

Only recently we saw her leading a campaign aimed at getting justice for a young man who was shot dead outside her home in Karachi.

The actress is quite vocal when it comes to her views about women rights. She was also part of the Aurat March in Karachi lat year and defended it when the organizers came under harsh criticism.

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In a nutshell she is the empowered woman and only a fool would mess around with her.

Story is that Komal Aziz Khan on Wednesday shared a couple of pictures from a gym.

The actress is seen sweating it out as her instructor shouts out instructions.

One of the caption on her video suggested that the actor was receiving a lot of comments on her video which had posted to her stories.

She found the advice coming from the male followers offensive and decided to shut them down at once.

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“Male followers, please don’t send me advice on how to lift. I don’t need your mansplaining,” wrote Komal Aziz Khan who has over 8 lakh followers on the photo and video sharing app.

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