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Aurat March 2021: Outrageous memes mock participants

Islamabad: Aurat March is being hailed for challenging the deeply ingrained toxic masculinity in Pakistan on International Women’s Day.

Thousands of women took to streets in major cities of the deeply patriarchal Pakistan to demand their rights.

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Women wing of a politico-religious party decided to challenge the rally by holding placards opposing the demands made by Aurat March participants.

The hijab wearing women who had titled their gathering as “Haya Day” had the moral support of not only religious circles but also a large number of men belonging to the middle and lower middle classes of the society.

Hashtags trends were also started to confront the social media users supporting the Aurat March on Twitter.

Meanwhile, a troubling trend was also noticed on WhatsApp groups where male opponents of the “Aurat March” circulated some lewd memes by replacing the text on original placards held by the women protesters.

Several people criticized the insulting memes targeting Aurat March and called out the users for what they called their hypocrisy.

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