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‘Two men can love each other’: Actress Mehr Bano condemned over Aurat March remarks

Karachi: Pakistani actress Mehr Bano was among thousands of Pakistani women who took part in Monday’s Aurat March to celebrate International Women’s Day and demand equal rights.

The actress is receiving backlash for expressing her views about “what’s bad and what’s not” .

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In a video recorded during the Aurat March, Mehr Bano said “I don’t think homosexuality is bad thing.And don’t think it’s a bad thing for society either. I think misogyny is an evil. Torture against woman is bad and I think two men loving each other is not bad.”

A day after the March was held in major cities of Pakistan, hashtag #Homosexuality became top trend on Twitter, with some users calling out Mehr Bano for her remarks and others lauding her for expressing her thoughts on camera.

Mehr is an established actress who is followed by thousands of people on Instagram and other social media websites.

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