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Hareem Shah’s interview leaves fans wanting more

TiktTok star Hareem Shah has once again taken the internet by storm.

From “Tangen tu uthaana parhti hain” to “Aap ne mera aslaha” kahan dekha”, Hareem Shah didn’t shy away from answering not-so-easy questions asked by Daily Pakistan’s Yasir Shami.

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The interviewer seems to have pulled a feat–no matter how controversial it was– no other Pakistani journalist has found the courage to perform in front of camera.

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The TikTok star who was joined by her friend Sandal Khattak left many people surprised with her witty answers to some questions which could have easily provoked anybody.

“Sheikhon kay itne bare bare burj hote hain.Kia har jaga tang uthana zaruri hai. Kisi aur ka aslaha kiun chalati hain jab aap kay paas apna aslaha mojood hai, ” were some of the innuendos the anchor used in questions and received tit-for-tat answers from giggling Hareem Shah.

People were sharing the interview on social media with funny comments, with some users wishing the anchor had asked Hareem Shah about the veracity of latest video of Shaheen Afridi.

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