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‘Hareem Shah’ private video scandal rocks Pakistan

Foreign Office on Thursday said it has ascertained the facts and taken all necessary measures regarding TikTok star Hareem Shah’s controversial video shot inside the Foreign Office building.

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“What is the update regarding inquiry of videos that Ms. Hareem Shah shot in Foreign Office? Who was responsible for that?,” asked Geo News reporter Zargoon Shah during the briefing.

“We have ascertained the facts and all necessary measures have been taken to prevent occurrence of any such incidents in the future,” Foreign Office spokesman Dr Mohammad Faisal answered.

The briefing coincided with yet another alleged video scandal of Hareem Shah as Whatsapp users circulated a clip purporting to show the TikTok star.

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The video was circulated with captions claiming that the man whose lower torso is visible in the clip is a powerful individual.

It’s been a while since false claims are being made about existence of Hareem Shah’s explicit videos, but the women shown in the latest video is either the TikTok star herself or there is an uncanny resemblance between the two.

The video is filmed in a room where a TV screen is also visible behind the woman . Veracity of the claim that the video shows Hareem was not immediately confirmed.

Who is the man in Hareem Shah Video?

While some people had no qualm about accusing an unnamed “powerful man” of involving with the famous woman in such an activity, they have come up with no evidence to corroborate their claims

Seeing the TikTok star in the Foreign Office building is not enough of a proof to think that it might have been done for some sexual favors.

Dangerous trend

It is not the first video containing sexually explicit content that has been circulated on whatsapp groups. It follows a string of gross videos of private nature which some people recently got leaked.

It follows a video scandal of singer Rabi Peerzada which has drawn strong criticism from rights activist.

Another video scandal involving Samra Chaudhry, a local model from Lahore, has also been doing the round on the Internet.

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Nighat Dad, a digital rights activist, had also warned users against spreading such videos since it constitutes a gross violation of Pakistani laws.

The authorities has yet to act against the new trend of leaking private videos.

Some analysts has called it a dangerous trend that is capable of putting people’s lives at risk.

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