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Samra Chaudhry video scandal emerges as govt remains indifferent

People started frantically started searching for “Samra Chaudhry’s leaked videos” after two prominent Pakistani websites reported that the model and makeup artist had some private videos leaked.

Bol News and Daily Pakistan reported that although Samra Chaudhry’s videos had emerged a few months ago, they have once again started doing rounds in Pakistani Whatsapp groups.

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According to reports, in the leaked videos Samra Chaudhry is seem dancing naked at a hotel room in the presence of multiple people including men.

Daily Pakistan reported the footage show Samra dancing with an unidentified girl and a solo performance of the model stripping naked.

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In a separate video the model from Lahore is shown indulging in “inappropriate activities” with a male whose face is blurred in the clip.

Bol News reported that a racket was behind Samra Chaudhry’s video leak. The TV channel’s website reported that the group tricks women into filming such videos before selling them to adult websites.

Both the publications reported that the videos of Samra Chaudhry are available on popular adult sites.

The model has yet to respond to the news reports while veracity of videos was also not confirmed.

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It is the latest in the series of leaked videos which have recently rocked Pakistan, with singer Rabi Peerzada becoming the first victim.

People have criticized the government for what they called it’s indifference to the trend of leaking private videos of people on social media.

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