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Reports of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s death dismissed

Islamabad: Rumors started swirling on Friday regarding the death of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan who was recently admitted to a hospital in a critical condition.

The rumors started doing the rounds days after Khan’s pictures from a hospital bed surfaced, leaving thousands of Pakistanis concerned about his health. A letter written by the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb to his nation also emerged last week.

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In the open letter, “Khan said that that he is unwell and undergoing treatment for his disease and requested his well wishers to pray for his recovery and if he dies he wants his funeral prayers to be held in every city, street and corners of the country”.

People close to Dr AQ Khan on Saturday said that all the rumors regarding Pakistani hero’s death are incorrect. They said that Khan’s condition is stable, requesting people to pray for his recovery. Dr Khan has been regularly writing weekly columns for Daily Jang and The News after his retirement from the country’s nuclear program.

Khan is admired by millions of Muslims for making Pakistan the first nuclear armed Islamic country. Pakistan tested its nuclear bombs on 28 May 1998 in response to India’s nuclear tests, ,making his country’s defense invincible.

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