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Why do people hate David Koch?

Why do people hate David Koch?

New York: David Koch has left the building without cash, credit cards, or checking accounts. As we all do, wrote author Stephen King while tweeting about the death of one of the richest man in the world.

Billionaire David Koch, the man behind Koch Industries and one of the world’s richest people who became a major financier of conservative causes and political candidates, has died at age 79 died on Friday.

People have been tweeting since reports of his death surfaced online and hashtag #DavidKoch became top Twitter trend.

Some posts about David Koch does not make any sense to readers living in other parts of the world.

They are still wondering why would some people hate someone or celebrate their death.

Why do people hate David Koch?

One reason he is disliked was his opposition to efforts against climate change and his death comes just as the wildfires burn Amazon rainforest, one of the major resources of oxygen in the world.

Here is a collection some tweets that would give readers some idea of why people disliked the conservative Republican donor:

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