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Ace Family says house address leaked on TikTok

YouTube’s Ace Family has discussed the issue of their house address being leaked online in a new video.

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The Ace Family is YouTube channel run by Los Angeles-based couple Austin McBroom, former NCCAA basketball player and Catherine Paiz, a fitness model.

Posted on April 11, the couple spoke about their TikTok experience and the trouble they had to face when their house address got leaked a few years ago.

According to Paiz, things got scary when their address got leaked because a lot of people were coming to home and it became like a tourist attraction.

She said she was pregnant with her daughter Alaia when the incident happened, adding that she suffered from PTSD then because their house got broken into several times.

McBroom said they moved out from their house within two days and things have changed a lot since then. He thanked fans for respecting their privacy, adding that they now have a better security system in place.

The Ace Family which has over 18 million followers on YouTube revealed that they have joined TikTok where they noticed some people doing weird things like leaking their house address.

But McBroom said it is inevitable and they have to live with that.

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