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Action against military officers initiated over 9 May riots: report

Islamabad: The Pakistan army has decided to start court-martial proceedings against former Lahore Corps Commander Lt General Salman Fayaz Ghani over his failure to curb PTI protesters on May 9, according to senior journalist Salam Masood.

Masood, who also reports for The News York Times, said, “Former Corps Commander Lahore was communicated, like others, to take security measures. But he decided to allow protesters inside cantt.”

The journalist said the Corps Commander saw the protesters as “our own people” and decided to let them vent their anger.

He said the commander’s miscalculation led to the destruction of the Corps Commander House at the hands of the PTI supporters after the arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan.

Salman Masood, who is one of the most credible Pakistani journalists, said Salman Fayaz Ghani is “only one in top brass” who is facing the wrath of the military for enabling the attack.

Without naming anyone, the journalist said, ,”Four retired generals suspected of planning the “return of the Project,” and events up to May 9 : one was motivated for being the original architect, another was promised the President or top spy chief position. And one of them wanted to be more than a WhatsApp group admin.”

He dismissed the reports that Imran Khan would be tried in a military court.

Salman Masood also dispelled the notion that Khan is seeking asylum since he feels his political chances are still bright.

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