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Adam Kovic: Fanhaus, Rooster Teeth face backlash over ‘minor’ controversy

Adam Kovic fans are voicing support after he was accused of grooming under-aged fan.

As folks expressed anger over Adam’s failure to come up with an explanation, supporters said the Adam was wrongly implicated in the controversy since there’s no indication of any minor’s involvement.

Twitter was also inaundated with posts about the scandal involving Adam Kovic.

Iif you truly and genuinely believe that those screenshots of ryan haywood are real, you’re a nonce and you believe internet lies too easily,” said a user.

“I saw what happened with Adam Kovic but what is going on with Ryan Haywood?,” said another.

Most of the people believd that the pictures or video was nothing more than leaked stuff and it has nothing to do with a minor. They were of the view that the objectionable content came from 4chan.

On reddt, while commenting on the report, a user said, “I went to the 4chan post and there’s nothing there. I have not and will not go through the Google Drive, but if something incriminating was there it would have popped up on its own by now”.

“Honestly just looks like leaked pics/videos but not seeing anything stating its a minor, unless the person he was sending the pics/videos to was imitating being a minor,” wrote a user on a forum while discussing the matter,” said another.

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