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Air Chief Zaheer Ahmad Babar pays respects at religious scholar Hakeem Ghulam Muhamamd’s grave in Gujrat village

Air Chief Zaheer Ahmad Babar’s helicopter lands in his village new Gujrat as he pays respect at the graveside of his father and renowned religious scholar Hakeem Ghulam Muhammad

Gujrat: Air Chief Marshall paid his respects at the graveside of his father Hakeem Ghulam Muhammad, a renowned Pakistani religious scholar from Gujrat.

Air Marshal Zaheer Ahmad Babar Sidhu was appointed as new Chief of the Air Staff by Prime Minister Imran Khan in March.

The air chief arrived in his village via PAF helicopter for a brief visit and left after offering Fateha at the grave. He was given a warm welcome in the area as his father was a revered figure of the entire region.

The chief joined the Pakistan Air Force in 1986 as a fighter pilot and has commanded the Fighter Squadron Operational Airbase and Regional Air Command.

The Pakistan Day Parade this year saw Babar leading the flypast on March 23 after the former chief retired on March 18 on completion of his three-year tenure.

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