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Alejandro Rosario, Mattia targeted by online trolls

Alejandro Rosario and Mattia Polibio are known to be good friends who often share pictures and videos with each other.

The TikTokers are followed by millions of people on the video sharing app as well as Instagram.

Names of Alejandro Rosario and Mattia Polibio recently started appearing in some obnoxious tweets.

The haters have targeted both the social media stars by sharing a fake video by claiming that the footage belonged to Alejandro Rosario and Mattia Polibio.

It is not the first time someone famous have been targeted with this kind of malicious campaign. According to CNN, multiple websites are involved in spreading fake news about celebrities.

But in the case of Alejandro and Mattia, the TikTokers have been targeted on Twitter instead of any website.

Whatever the reason behind the tweets, fans of both the social media stars have dismissed all the claims about the video being linked to the TikTokers

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