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Alien Structures or Hoax? Controversial Claims by UFO Expert of Alien Structures

Are these inhuman creations?

A journalist is making claims of these being the structures of Aliens, and accompanying him is a self-proclaimed UFO expert named Jamie Maussan, who asserts that up to 30% of these structures are non-human. These fossils are said to be 1800 years old and have been discovered in Peru. Their age has been determined through carbon dating. Jamie has also displayed an X-ray showing that there are eggs within one of the structures and some members that could be made of Osmium metal.

Now, the accuracy of these claims will be determined by real scientists, as in 2017, the same expert, Jamie, made claims of some corpses being Aliens, which were later proven to be human infants. Most of this expert’s previous claims have turned out to be false.

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