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‘Alizeh Shah, boyfriend’s PDA photos termed breach of privacy

Pakistani actress Alizeh Shah and her rumored boyfriend Noman Sami are latest victims of breach of privacy online.

A popular Twitter account, which shares celebrity pictures and often gets retweets from film, TV and media personalities, on Sunday shared a couple of intimate pictures of a couple with a claim that they purports to show the Ehde-e-Wafa actress and her “boyfriend”.

“Exclusive: Leaked inappropriate photos of famous Pakistani actress #AlizahShah with her boy friend,” the caption accompanying the pictures read, without elaborating on what was inappropriate.

Even though the suggestive caption tends to create the impression that the rumored couple was involved in some inappropriate activity, the pictures shared by the Twitter account contained nothing objectionable as it seemed to show only a public display of affection.

People on social media are condemning the folks behind the Twitter handle, calling the pictures a breach of the pair’s privacy.

Claims that the pictures show Alizeh Shah and her boyfriend could also not be independently verified.

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