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Andrea DeCastro video scandal: Here’s all you want to know

Puerto Rican media personality Andrea DeCastro was facing wrath of social media users who thought she has had an explicit video leaked.

Taking to Twitter some users condemned her for indulging in a gross act while others poked fun at her.

Some users were of the view that it was breach of Andrea DeCastro Font’s privacy and people should not be spreading it.

WHAT is in the video?

Published by Xposedmagazine, the video purports to show Andrea DeCastro in an objection state while busy in a video call.

Screenshot from the video. by Xposedmagazine

The TV personality is free of all clothes as she pleasuers herself while talking to someone by phone.


Here is a collection of some tweets that were posted by users from Puerto Rico while reacting to the alleged sexually explicit video of Andrea DeCastro.

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