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Another Video Of Ertugrul Star Esra Bilgic Goes Viral

According to the details, a video of actress Esra Bilgic (Halima Sultan) has come out which you will not be able to watch without paying tribute.

The Turkish actress, who gained worldwide fame by playing the role of “Halima Sultan” in Ertugrul, has huge fans in Pakistan as well.

Keep in mind that in order to play any big role, it has to be prepared first and it takes a lot of hard work to fit into that role.

As in the case of Ertugrul, the wife of a Belgian warrior, she had to master swordsmanship and other things.

Before the shooting of the play, it was necessary for the Israeli-Belgian to become like him for the role for which he worked hard, the actress also learned swordsmanship.

It should be noted that many Israeli-Belgian videos went viral in which it can be seen that the actress is learning fencing and at the same time she is working hard in the gym.

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