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‘Are you the president to tell me whose Padma Shri award to withdraw?’: Nasiruddin to Kangana

Kangana Ranaut had a few days back requested the government on social media to withdraw Karan Johar’s Padma Shri award. Now Nasiruddin Shah has targeted Kangana without mentioning her name.

During an interview, Nasiruddin Shah asked, “Lady, are you the President?”, without naming her.

He further said that if there was any injustice done to Sushant, then he should get justice. It also has a process. You don’t have to fall into it every time. She doesn’t have the right to say whose Padma Shri is taken away and who doesn’t. One of us has the courage to show her place.

Nasiruddin Shah and Kangana Ranaut have been waging a cold war on social media for the past few days.

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