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‘Bilal Mujhe Chor Do’ viral video leaves people scratching their heads

Bilal Mujhe Chor Do’ viral video

The internet users in Pakistan are scratching their heads about what to think of a dialogue they have been coming across lately.

Bilal Mujhe Chor chant surfaced on some Facebook pages and YouTube channels a year after a notorious couple had taken the internet by storm with their explicit clip famously called Ammi Jee Ammi Jee video.

While the Ammi Jee video had gone viral after folks started posting funny memes on social media platforms, there is nothing humorous in Bilal Mujhe Chor Do clip.

The adult video in question is the same video that folks falsely attributed to Fatima Sohail, the ex-wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Bilal Mujhe Chor Do is simply a complain coming from the female partner during the objectionable act that is filmed by the couple. The FIA has confirmed it has nothing to do with the anchor.

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