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Biometric verification: Karachi bank customer calls for action against rude bank employees

Customers are thronging banks across Pakistan to get their biometric verification done before the deadline ends.

While most of the banks staffs are carrying out the biometric verification beside doing their routine work, multiple people are complaining over the treatment meted out to them at the banks.

Some customers have complained that while they realize the burden of work bank employees might be facing , they must empathize with customers who wait inside banks after abandoning their everyday tasks in order to get their biometeric verification done.

A customer of a private bank in Karachi has penned a blog on his experience that we are publishing below:

Demise of Basic Etiquettes at UBL (University Road Branch Karachi)🕖 19-06-2019, Karachi: This small post will…

Posted by Waleed Raza on Thursday, June 20, 2019

“This small post will highlight my experience with the staff of one of the largest banks of Pakistan, UBL – University Road Branch Karachi. Although several people advised me against opening an account at any UBL branch across Pakistan mainly due to the severe lack of manners in their staff, I still thought better of them and much to my dismay gave them a try. Here is what happened.

On the 19th of June 2019 I visited UBL university road branch for biometric verification of my bank account. As I entered into the bank and approached the staff desk and asked for biometric verification the lady at the desk told me to wait for thirty minutes because she was dealing with a customer at the moment and it will take some time. So, I took a seat in the waiting area where I was clearly visible to her.

As I was waiting several other people also entered the bank and inquired her for the biometric verification, she told all of them to wait and that they will be called in an orderly fashion.

Forty minutes went by and as I was the first in the long line of customers waiting for their biometric verification, I approached her and saw that she was now free. I sat down in front of her, however she completely ignored me and started doing some other work.

Further ten minutes passed, during which I was completely ignored despite the fact that I was now sitting at her desk directly in front of her. So, I asked her that when she would proceed with my biometric verification. Very rudely she responded to me that: “Can’t you see that I am busy and that there are several other customers waiting besides you?” I replied that as I was first in line and waiting for the last one hour while clearly you are doing your branch work whereas you should free the waiting customers, at which point I was greeted with even more rudeness from her and I was told to go to some other desk for the verification and that she would not do my verification now.

Such rudeness to a customer is not only demeaning but also highly unprofessional and unethical. So, I went to the person who is instructing all the staff members, I told him the whole story but he didn’t do anything and suggested me to wait for few more minutes.

At this point in time having waited so long for such a small task I lost it. I told the person who was passing instructions a bit aggressively that I will complain about this treatment and he replied “Ok! Make your complaint, I don’t care.”

After this I left the bank and called their customer support service and explained all the situation and the treatment I got from the branch. The call center guy lodged my complaint and gave me my complaint number and told me that it will take one week to resolve this issue.

Now, I am waiting for their response to see what action they will take against the lady who was dealing with the customers for biometric verification.

I will update this blog as soon as I get any news from them”. -Waleed Raza

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