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‘Bomboclaat’ is not the new ‘sco pa tu manaa’: Story behind the viral memes

You might have come across a lot of Twitter posts featuring a pharase that read “bomboclaat”.

Chances are most of you don’t know what does that mean.

A large number of Twitter users move on thinking it is an alternative for “Sco pa tu manaa”– another phrase that has been all over Twitter this year.

“Bomboclaat” is being used in the wrong way as it doesn’t mean the same as “Scopa tu manaa” phrase does.

While “Scopa tu manaa” means “What does it mean?”, “What do you think about this thing?” or What does this remind you of?”, bomboclaat is a Jamaican Patois expletive.

The phrase is used as an insult while expressing anger and it first became popular on Nigerian Twitter earlier this year before becoming a global meme.

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