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Breasts feel heavy and sore? Here is why

Breasts feel heavy and sore?

A lot of women complain their “breast feel heavy and sore” while wondering online to find answers to their problem.

If we talk about Pakistan, young girls and less educated women find it hard to discuss the issue like it does in open societies.

Most of them don’y know how to find correct answers to their simple question only because they can’t write the right question.

The woman in conservative society like Pakistan consider it a taboo to openly talk about their body parts.

Online research shows, women with little knowledge of the English language will write “boobs feels heavy and sore” or boobs feels heavy and sore not pregnant” to describe their problem if they are single or married respectively.

The right answer to their question is “breast swelling occurs due to hormonal changes happening in your body.

It can can cause the breasts to to feel heavy , achy, and tender.

The woman’s breast might appear larger than usual. If you have breast swelling and heaviness accompanied by a late period, then you may want to consider taking a pregnancy test.

According to experts, breast changes are common and half of women feel experience them at some point in their lives.

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