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Cardi B and Offset Make Waves with $20K Hermès Birkin Gift for Daughter’s Birthday

Cardi B and Offset have captured the attention of the media this week as they surprised their daughter, Kulture, on her fifth birthday with a lavish present—a stunning pink Hermès Birkin bag worth $20,000 (£15,400).

The rapper, aged 30, astounded fans when she shared a video of her “pretty princess” donning an exquisite feathered dress and ballet-inspired sandals, all while clutching the opulent purse—an iconic creation from 1984, paying homage to Jane Birkin.

This extravagant handbag joins an already impressive collection owned by the young tot, who has amassed quite a luxurious assortment over the years.

However, Cardi B and Offset are not alone in their propensity for showering their children with extravagant gifts. From the Beckhams to the Kardashians, numerous celebrity parents spare no expense when it comes to indulging their loved ones. In this article, MailOnline takes a closer look at some of the most exorbitant presents ever bestowed upon celebrity offspring.

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