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Colonel (retd) Liaquat Waseem barred from leaving Pakistan

Islamabad: The military leadership has started purging the ISI of the elements known for their alleged interference in politics, according to Umer Cheema and Azaz Syed.

In their latest show on YouTube, the duo revealed that former ISI Station Chief Islamabad, Colonel Liaquat Ali Waseem, was stopped from leaving Pakistan on January 25. Umer Cheema said Waseem was leaving for London with his family when he was stopped.

He added that the former army officer’s family was allowed to fly.

Cheema revealed that Waseem was brought back from the departure lounge of the Islamabad International Airport.

Hs said Colonel (retd) Waseem and several other former officers, known for their allegiance to former ISI honcho General (retd) Faiz Hameed, have been removed from their positions.

The investigative reporter said that a key ISPR officer is reportedly facing an inquiry.

He did not name the officer but some people are speculating that he was referring to Brigadier Shafique.

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