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Craig Murray, who says Imran Khan was removed by CIA, lost his job as UK ambassador

Human rights activist and former British diplomat Craig Murray on Monday gave credence to former prime minister Imran Khan’s claim that he was ousted as a result of US conspiracy.

Taking to Twitter, the UK’s former ambassador to Uzbekistan wrote, “The CIA’s deposing of Imran Khan as Prime Minister, for his opposition to the US drone campaign operating within and from Pakistan, is probably the most under-reported story of the last couple of years.”

PTI leaders and social media users used his tweet as some sort of evidence that corroborates Imran Khan’s claim that the US was behind his removal.

Craig Murray served as the UK ambassador to Uzbekistan only for two years between 2004 and 2006. He is known more as a human rights activist and a staunch opponent of US war on terror than for his work as a diplomat.

During his stint as the British ambassador to Uzbekistan he exposed the violations of human rights in the country by the Karimov administration. This led to conflict with his superiors in the Foreign Office until finally he was removed from the post.

Murray lodged formal written complaints to the Foreign Office stating that it was morally and legally wrong to obtain intelligence under torture and that intelligence received by the Secret Intelligence Service (and the Central Intelligence Agency) from the Uzbek government was unreliable because it had been obtained through torture.

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