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Credit Suisse leaks: List of Pakistanis

Islamabad: Names of hundreds of Pakistanis have appeared in the list of those who deposited money in secret Swiss bank accounts.

The investigation into the accounts called Suisse Secret was held by Organized Crimes and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and dozens of other media outlets.

Below is the list of few prominent Pakistanis who have been named: 

General Akhthar Abdur Rehman Haroon AkhtarAkbar AkhtarGhazi Alhtar
General Zahid Ali Akbar

Anchor Rana Mubashir


Senator Gulzar Ahmed Khan (late)Senator Waqar Ahmed KhanSenator Ammar Ahmed KhanOmer Sherharyar


Mian Muhammad Mansha and wife Naz Mansha

Sultan Lakhani (Owner of Lakson Group and Express TV and newspapers
Zulfiqar Lakhani,Amin Muhammad Lakhani, Gul Bano Lakhani, Alizeh Lakhani, Anusha Lakhani, Fatima Lakhani, Anika Amin Lakhani, Saira Amin Lakhani, Babar Ali Lakhani, Bilal Ali Lakhani, Misha Lakhani, Shaista Lakhani, Clinton Raven
,Schon family

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