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Dani Daniels’ take on adult female friendships

Dani Daniels has come a long away since she first started working in adult films.

Apart from becoming a popular name in the industry, she is now a well known figure beyond that realm too.

With a powerful presence on Instagram, the 30-year-old actress continues to inspire her male and female followers alike.

Dani has over 3 million followers on the photo and video sharing app where she regularly posts things she is doing and her overlook on life in the form of powerful quotes about situations and people one comes across in their daily life.

On Wednesday, she has a funny quote to share with her fans about adult female friendships.

She shared a screenshot of a tweet purportedly posted by Crystal Lowery Comedian.

“Adult female friendships are mostly sending memes and helping diagnose the sociopaths in y’alls lives,” the tweet shared by Dani Daniels stated.

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Whatever it means, Dani seemed to agree with what was said in the funny statement attributed to Crystal Lowery.

Only women can tell what it’s all about.

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