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Daniyal and Mano take Internet by storm: Here’s all you want to know

Daniyal and Mano are the most sought after personalities on the internet right now.

The two names are trending because of an audio tape in which a woman identified as Mano is heard detailing her experience with her male friend whom she identifies as Daniyal.

The female voice narrates the story, saying that she and her friends, Juli, Hasan and Daniyal were hanging out at a flat when Hasan was asked by his mom to return.

Hasan’s departure emboldened Daniyal in the presence of two female friends. According to the female voice in the tape, Daniyal asked Juli to go to bathroom before he started his work in which most of the internet users are interested right now.

Note: It’s quite possible that the story which is being narrated on the audio is an absolute work of fiction.

Below is the audio conversation. But we don’t know for how long YouTube would allow this to stay on their platform:

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