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Did Kate Middleton have brain tumor?

All eyes were fixed on Kate Middleton as she made a surprise visit to Jordan along with her husband Prince William to attend the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa Al Saif.

From her dress to her tiara to her health became topic of discussions among the people interested in the lives of royals word wide.

While a large number of people seemed to be in awe of the Princess of Wales’ beauty, there were some who thought she had a health condition that could become the cause of her untimely death.

People were curious about her health due to some media reports about her surgery life long before her marriage to Prince William.

A large number of people thought she had a brain tumor at some stage of her life which is incorrect.

The princess actually had a minor surgery after Kate discovered a lump on the side of her head whilst she was at Marlborough school.

The school told Kate’s mother who took her to the hospital where they removed the lump in her head during an emergency operation.

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