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DV Lottery 2020 registration: Date and instructions

DV Lottery 2020 registration

New York: The registration for DV Lottery 2021 (Diversity Visa) has ended in November 2019.

The next entries for DV Lottery that would be submitted in 2020 would be part of DV Lottery 2022.

Here is all you want to know

Most of people come to know about the exact date quite late and are often faced with problems that are bound to appear.

Since you need certain documents, photos and above all required to fill a lengthy application, you must be aware of the month and date of the registration beforehand.

More so because the registration happens online and it is quite possible that you find the relevant US government website (dvlottery.state.gov) shut due to overwhelming traffic or any other technical fault.

It happens quite a lot and a large number of people fail to register themselves for DV Lottery.

The bad thing is that the US government doesn’t extend the deadline regardless how complicated the process may be.

Be aware that DV Lottery registration process begins in the last quarter of every year, most probably in September and October and comes to an end in the first week of November-like it happened in 2019.

So if you are willing to apply for US Diversity Visa Lottery program in 2020, you must submit your entry by November 2020.

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