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DV Lottery website down as deadline looms for entry submission

WASHINGTON: People willing to register themselves for 2021 Diversity Visa Program (DV-2021) can submit their entries till November 5 2019.

Interesting candidates are submitting their entries for the the process which started on October, 2 2019 after the US State Department opening web site.

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The State Department is not likely to extend the deadline for entry submission.

With only three days to go, a huge number of users landed on the DV Lottery website of the US State Department.

Maybe it was the overwhelming traffic that caused the website to slow, withe many people report that DV lottery website down.

Millions of people from across the globe submit their entries every year in their quest to reach the land of opportunities, but only few thousands manage to get their hands on the US Green Card or Diversity Visa Program.

So if you are willing to submit an entry and couldn’t do that for some reason, visit dvlottery.state.gov to become part of the DV Lottery 21.

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