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EBL Pakistan is not registered with SECP

Islamabad: A large number of Pakistanis are asking whether a company by the name of EBL Pakistan is “real or fake” as they seek to invest their money.

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan in October issued a statement which shows that EBL Pakistan is on the list of companies which is not registered with the regulator.

Issuing a list of the companies the SECP said, “Following entities have come to our notice which are not registered with the SECP, however, they are representing themselves as registered companies and some are producing fake/ tempered
incorporation certificates to defraud general public.”

EBL Pakistan’s name can be seen at number 17

Pakistanis are advised to visit the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan’s website secp.gov.pk and download the list of companies indulged in unauthorized activities before handing over their money:

What does Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan do?

If a company tells you that it is registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and somehow managed to show their tax record on the FBR website, it is still not authorized to take your money for investment.

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