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Gigi Hadid Arrested on Marijuana Possession Charges

Gigi Hadid, the renowned model, found herself entangled in a legal predicament during her vacation in the Cayman Islands on July 10. Arriving at Owen Roberts International Airport on a private plane, Gigi’s intention was to enjoy a peaceful getaway, as reported by TMZ. However, her plans took an unexpected turn.

Even though she was traveling by private jet, airport security protocols required everyone, including Gigi, to pass their luggage through Customs and Border Control. During this process, a routine scan detected a small amount of marijuana in Gigi Hadid’s possession.

As a result of this discovery, both Gigi and her companion were arrested on charges related to the importation of marijuana and utensils for smoking cannabis. After being taken into custody, they were later released on bail after being transferred to the Prisoner Detention Center.

The situation became increasingly stressful for the model, and just two days after the arrest, on July 12, she and her companion had to appear in court. The purpose of the court appearance was to provide their version of the events that unfolded at the airport.

According to information from Cayman Marl Road, both Gigi Hadid and her friend were found guilty of the charges. However, they managed to avoid a recorded conviction and were fined $1,000 each.

Gigi’s representative responded to the incident, claiming that the marijuana was legally purchased in New York with a medical license. Additionally, it was stated that marijuana had been legal for medical use in Grand Cayman since 2017. The model’s record remained clear despite the unfortunate incident, and she continued to enjoy the remainder of her time on the island.

Despite the initial setback, it seems that Gigi eventually managed to find relaxation and enjoyment during her vacation, as evidenced by the pictures she later uploaded to her social media accounts.

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