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‘Give birth to more children’, Ex- Corps Commander Peshawar Lt.Gen Hidayatur Rehman told protesting parents of APS kids

Islamabad: Mother of a child killed in Peshawar’s Army Public School terrorist attack in 2014 said that the parents of the children who died in the carnage were told by then Peshawar Corps Commander Lt. General Hidyatur Rehman that they can give birth to more children if their kids got killed.

She said that they Hidayatur Rehman had said this when the parents of the children were protesting state’s failure to bring the culprits to justice.

The woman was demonstrating outside the Supreme Court of Pakistan that summoned Prime Minister Imran Khan during the hearing into the APS carnage case on Wednesday. “Is it easy to have children and raise them,” she said while crying in front of cameras.

The woman also held the pictures of two children who died in the attack.

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