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Gul Bukhari accuses anchor Imran Riaz of being behind attack on Assad Toor

Karachi: Gul Bukhari has accused Express News anchor Imran Riaz Khan of being behind the attack on Assad Toor.

The journalist claimed that Toor was attacked by three men including a personal bodyguard of Imran Riaz.

Sharing the reason behind the attack, Bukhari, while citing unnamed sources, said the TV anchor was enraged by Toor’s criticism on his YouTube channel. She said Imran Riaz is also angry over Toor for calling him “Geela Teetar’, a name which is used to mock him online by his critics.

Bukhari claimed that Riaz was provided two men by one of his friends who happens to be an officer of a security agency.

She added that the attackers did not belong to the ISI and the country’s premier intelligence agency had nothing to do with the attack on Assad Toor.

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