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Haji viral memes will have you in fits of laughter

A certain Haji is going viral in Pakistan for all the wrong reasons.

Social media users are posting some hilarious memes in a regional language, leaving a lot of people wondering what they are all about.

Those who know the story behind the “Haji” sahib memes couldn’t help but laugh out loud after coming across social media posts.

It’s been a while since the memes started appearing on social media. For those who have no clue about the memes, they originated from a video of an unidentified couple.

Don’t expect us to reveal what the video was about, but we can tell you that the man in the footage is being called Haji by his female companion while he remains busy at work.

Most of the memes are made out of words that the woman is heard telling Haji in order to encourage him.

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