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Hamid Mir condemned for invoking ‘General Rani’ in his speech

Islamabad: TV anchor Hamid Mir on Friday invited the wrath of social media users for his fiery speech during a protest against an attack on fellow journalist Asad Toor.

The veteran journalist became top Twitter trend in Pakistan as a large number of people condemned him for targeting country’s institutions in his speech.

He was accused of blaming security agencies of attacking Asad Toor in his speech which was delivered in the presence of Asma Sherazi and other journalists and human rights activists.

At one point, the Geo News anchor lost his cool and threatened to reveal the “inside family stories” of those responsible for attacks on journalists.

The Capital Talk show host then went on to claim that one of the man behind attacks on journalists was shot by his wife over extra marital relationship with a woman who he referred to as “General Rani”. While he didn’t name anyone in his speech, critics said Mir made some obvious references to Pakistan’s security services and must be taken against him.

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